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QR Codes Marketing Campaign Basics


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Mobile marketing budgets are expected to soar in 2012. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be looking for cheap, effective ways to promote your business. And a QR code marketing campaign certainly fits the bill.

QR Code Campaign Planning Basics

As you plan your campaign, be sure to keep the following points in mind. You will need:

  • Clear and attractive incentives
  • Precisely stated goals and the ability to measure against them
  • The knowledge of what your target audience is

Incentives: To make sure your incentives are compelling, you’ll need to create great offers that draw in customers. Here’s a great article on the subject from How to Craft a Compelling Offer in 7 Steps

Setting Goals: Setting goals is an important part of any marketing effort, not just in a QR code campaign. You’ll be spending resources on developing and executing marketing. But goal-setting as a first step will help you keep your efforts focused and ensure that you will be able to tell whether or not the campaign is working. Without setting clear goals before you begin, you’ll never really know if your marketing got your business anywhere.

For more, read 10 Simple Steps to Setting Your Marketing Goals.

Targeting: Knowing your target market and knowing how to target your audience are slightly different things, but they are related. First, do some thinking about your target market. Have a solid understanding of who you should be selling to across any applicable categories — like gender, age, location, income level, mindset, industry, company size, and any other applicable characteristic.

Then, you’ll need to consider how to get in front of that target. When it comes to QR code marketing — which is usually done via printed materials (postcard, fliers, posters, etc.) — you have to ask yourself where those codes can go. It might be on bills and invoices, on a train station poster, or on flyers packaged with the local paper. Just make sure you wisely place them so that your ideal customers will see them.

QR Codes Marketing from pbSmart Codes by Pitney Bowes

For some more reading on planning your QR codes marketing campaign, check out Close to the Edge: Where QR Code Marketing Can Take You at Business2Community.

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